Dashboard IT Sector: Labor Market

The 'War for Talent' in the IT sector is undeniable. It could be relevant for employers, employees and third parties to gain insight into this labor market. With the help of our research tooling (MAGPAI™), QA Consulting has mapped out and analyzed a significant amount of the IT vacancies published in the Netherlands.

The statistics are based on a database with the most up-to-date IT vacancies posted online on Dutch job offerings websites. This data is updated every month so that the insights remain up to date.

The job positions are subdivided into BRC functions (standard occupation classification model of the CBS) and e-CF functions (standard occupation classification according to the European eCompetence Framework).

Total Number of IT Positions24858
SourceNationale vacaturebank, Indeed, Monsterboard, Intermediair *
Latest Publication Date12-01-19
Total number BRC postions192
Total number e-CF positions90
Percentage Distribution of Position Type

* In the coming weeks, we will add various new sources, including LinkedIn.


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