QA Consulting builds AI platform for analysis of IT labor market

The salary offered to ICT specialists is close to that of leading ICT specialists.

Using a self-developed AI platform, QA Consulting (Quality Assured Consulting) has mapped and analyzed most IT vacancies published in the Netherlands.
. It is the first step in the development of Magpai @Work, a platform that maps the entire Dutch IT labor market: requested ICT positions, number of years of experience requested, competencies requested and levels of education. This is divided into sectors, customer or supplier organizations and geographical regions. The first results are available to everyone as of today on the QA Consulting website. In the coming months, QA Consulting will further expand the Magpai@Work platform.

Reinout Dotinga, Managing Partner at QA Consulting: “Nobody has escaped from the war for talent that has been, and is still going on in the IT sector. It is very relevant for employers, employees and third parties such as QA Consulting to gain insight into what exactly happens on the labor market. For which domains is the IT talent being asked to implement the digital transformation in organizations? With the Magpai@Work platform that we are building, we can monitor developments in the Dutch IT market closely.”

Results first analysis

The five most in demand IT functions at the moment are: manager (IT) operations, software engineer, system administrator, manager system development and administration, and application consultant. The demanded level of education is (analysis of all vacancies), 19% WO is requested, 52% HBO and 29% other. The salary offered at a strategic level (7% of vacancies) is between € 4,691 and € 7,035, at a tactical level (60%) between € 2,696 and € 5,791 and at an operational level (33%) between € 2,620 and € 5,120.

As expected, the highest average salary is offered in managerial positions. But the salary offered for hard-to-find experts, such as that for Chief Data Officers, is still above this level. At the same time, the requirements that employers place on jobs positions are also increasing.

Always up to date

QA Consulting will update the accumulated vacancy database (now approximately 25,000 vacancies) every month. This ensures that the analyses provide a very up-to-date picture of the IT labor market in the Netherlands and also make it possible to quickly identify shifts in the IT market. The information that QA Consulting collects comes from the largest vacancy websites in the Netherlands, including Nationale Vacaturebank, Indeed, Monsterboard and Intermediair. The ambition is to add information from other providers of IT vacancies in the coming months in order to get a complete picture of the developments in the IT market in the Netherlands.

Magpai platform

The analyses take place on the Magpai platform, the AI platform built by QA Consulting that consists of a series of solutions that are both open source and specifically developed for QA Consulting. These solutions work on the basis of a collection of algorithms and libraries that extract information from documents using recognized methods. These solutions are applied in assignments by QA Consulting as “Intelligent Content Collection”: a smart way to extract content from unstructured data.


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