QA Consulting: the new name of QA Services

QQA Consulting (Quality Assured Consulting) is the new company name of QA Services. This new name better reflects the advisory services that the company provides to CIOs and IT managers where the business context is always the starting point.The company focuses on “business / IT alignment” issues, within national governments and private companies, and all the changes involved.

Advisory services aimed at business / IT issues

With the launch of the new name, QA Consulting is also immediately expanding its range of services. In addition to the current strategic, financial and quality assurance services, the company now also supports customers with decisive design and management of digital chains (agile governance), vendor management and legal advice. To this end, the number of consultants has grown in the past year to 12 advisors, including two lawyers.

Jan Willem van den Bos will also be appointed as Managing Partner on 1st of January. Together with Reinout Dotinga, Maarten van Delden and Michiel van Hemert, he forms the board of QA Consulting. Van den Bos previously worked as Commercial Director at Cegeka Nederland.

“We see that more and more CIOs and CDOs are transforming their IT organization into a number of digital chains that each support an aspect of the business. This tilting of the IT organization is necessary to actually implement the digitization of the business. The necessary strategic, design and management issues also play a role.” says Reinout Dotinga, Managing Partner at QA Consulting. “With the increased dominance of IT in the business process, IT is increasingly determining what can be done commercially. End-to-end expertise is required to provide optimal advice to our customers. Our years of experience with the design of digital chains and the impact this has on the organization is essential. As a result, we are well able to advise organizations on the steps required to achieve successful digitization.”

The QA Consulting method is based on proven methods and best practices supplemented with data analytics tools developed by QA Metrics (part of QA Consulting). QA Consulting works with a mix of experienced consultants who have gained years of knowledge in the business / IT domain, young consultants and data scientists.

IT Assessments

An important part of QA Consulting’s services is IT Assessments: an instrument that maps the current IT situation prior to a (possible) change. Based on the results of this IT Assessment, the QA consultants provide advice and an approach. For example, the maturity and effectiveness of IT can be measured or the current way of working with partners can be evaluated. In addition, an IT Assessment can be used to measure the extent to which an intended change has actually been implemented or to measure an interim status.

About QA Consulting

QA Consulting works result-oriented on complex IT issues and shares its extensive knowledge and experience with customers. The company will always take the business context as a starting point. The complexity of the issues can be strategic, administrative, financial, technical or relational in nature. Usually it concerns a combination of two or more aspects. Depending on the case, specific knowledge and extensive experience are deployed per case, with an eye for detail, practical usability of the solutions and customer needs.



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