Traditional IT-organization or working in digital chains?

Within organizations, whether it be the governmental or private, IT departments will have to be transformed from a more “traditional” IT department into a chain of IT facilities that are independently managed.

Traditional IT-organization or working in digital chains?Traditional IT-organization or working in digital chains?

IT organizations are increasingly restructuring themselves around business domains, platforms and chains in order to improve its ‘’business-IT alignment’’. As a result, IT can no longer be seen as a monolithic entity and will require differentiation. Only by reducing the IT function and managing this from a business perspective can organizations fulfill the demands and technological innovation from the business at the desired pace.

In order to cope with these changes, setting up and implementing appropriate (chain-) governance, that will need to be monitored, adjusted and readjusted, is inevitable.

QA Consulting is highly experienced in setting up the appropriate (chain-) governance, implementing the required changes and making these changes function accordingly.

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