We work result-oriented on complex IT issues and share our extensive knowledge and experience with our customers. QA Consulting will always take the business context as a starting point. We understand complex IT issues within a business context. The “complexity” can be strategic, managerial, financial, technical or relational in nature. Usually it concerns a combination of two or more aspects. Our specific knowledge and extensive experience are applied specifically per case, with an eye for practicality, detail and customer needs.

Our advisors have acquired this knowledge and experience in various roles, both in government and in private sector, in both customer and supplier organizations.

We challenge all our employees to increase their level of knowledge. Usually on the basis of ‘real life cases’, sometimes also very focused through knowledge sessions and training. Our consultants specialize in one or more of the following IT domains: Digital Strategy, Agile Governance, Financial Control, Vendor Management, Legal Advisory or Quality Assurance.

Because we work in multidisciplinary teams, people can quickly specialize in specific tasks and therefore build up a significant amount of knowledge in a short time. With smart data analytics tools that we developed ourselves, we are also able to quickly perform quantitative and qualitative analyses.

We ensure quality. Our methods are based on proven methods and best practices that have been applied to other customers and service providers. With a pragmatic fixed price approach, looking for feasible advice in the short and long term and good aftercare, we ensure high customer satisfaction.


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