QA Consulting is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

In the coming months, we will therefore reflect on the past ten years and look forward to future developments awaiting us and our clients. This reflection and exploration of the future will be centered around the theme of ‘sustainable connection’.

Looking back on our journey as a consulting firm, it is evident that our advice has primarily focused on forging sustainable connections. This includes connecting people, strengthening ties between organizational units, and enhancing the interaction between organizations and society.

The role of technology in facilitating these connections is undeniable; it offers individuals and organizations more choices than ever before. However, this technological advancement can also put pressure on human and inter-organizational connections, making them looser.

Within our own organization, sustainable connection is one of the key factors to success. As a consulting firm, it’s not just about focusing on the substantive aspects of our work but also about building a sustainable relationship with our employees and clients. Personal development, trust, shared interests, and diversity have significantly contributed to this.

We are delighted to announce that we will soon present the first edition of our ‘Insight’ series, in which we will look back and forward from this theme.


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