Sustainably connected
Refection and Vision
sustainably connected
Refection and Vision

10 Years of QA Consulting
10 Years of Knowledge

Ten years ago, we started QA Consulting. Our mission was—and still is—to create sustainable changes in our clients’ organizations. Sustainable in the context of the future and all the changes that come with it. We help clients transform their organizations in a way that allows them to handle developments with agility and resilience. We now look back at what we have achieved with our clients over the past ten years and what lies ahead for us and our clients.

"Disconnection presents employers with a challenge that will only grow in the coming years."

- Reinout Dotinga | Managing Partner

The central theme of this “e-book” is connection. Connection between people, within organizations, and in society. Connection that increasingly relies on technology. Technology enables us, as individuals, to make more choices than ever before. But this also makes the connection between individuals in a society increasingly tenuous, as does the connection with organizations. Where we used to experience a sense of connection through church, work, school, neighborhood, and association, today’s motto has increasingly become “what’s in it for me?” or WIIFM, an abbreviation we recently encountered quite literally in a client’s survey. “If I don’t clearly understand what’s in it for me, I won’t commit to it” seems to be the underlying belief.

This lack of connection presents employers with a challenge that will only grow in the coming years: finding and retaining suitable personnel. Over the past 10 years, QA Consulting has proven itself as a high-quality consultancy that is well-versed in tackling such complex issues. We don’t just focus on the content of the assignment; we always establish a sustainable connection with our clients and their employees. Personal development, trust, shared interests, and diversity are central to our advice. And with success: turnover among our clients and employees is low, as is absenteeism.

The success of QA Consulting shows that challenges like the ones above also offer opportunities. We believe in freedom within connection and thus provide our own consultants with a great deal of freedom in how to manage their time, develop themselves, and set priorities. This requires trust in people, stepping away from hierarchical relationships in organizations, distancing ourselves from traditional labor relations, and, above all, fostering an open, transparent culture where the individual is connected to the whole through personal growth.

The strength, after all, lies in growing together. With relationships, with clients, with partners, and with our employees. We feel sustainably connected to them all.

One thing is certain about the future:

Nothing will remain as it was.

The continuous stream of changes we’ve seen over the past decades will inevitably continue in the coming decade as well. In this book, QA Consulting explores what the changes in the past and coming years mean. We examine the issues from the perspective of society, business, and government, and then delve into how we view possible solutions for organizations to respond flexibly.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we proudly share our insights and experiences in this special series of insights. Over a decade of dedication, we have refined the art of sustainable change together with our clients. This milestone is a moment of reflection, but also an opportunity to share our knowledge and vision. Our journey underscores the importance of connection and adaptability in a rapidly changing world. Join us in looking ahead as we explore the challenges and opportunities of the future.