The fact that information is now a digital commodity has been the norm for years. Since 2002, there has been more information stored online globally than in physical form. The massive flow of information that organizations now face makes it increasingly difficult to manage and keep organized.

At QA Consulting, we believe that it’s time for a change: instead of improving the existing document flow, a shift towards content-centric thinking is needed. This approach places the content, not the document, at the center. Content-oriented platforms play a crucial role in this.

We offer the following services:


  • Formulating an information management strategy
  • Inventory and redesign of information flows
  • Selection of content management system

Quality Assurance

  • Quality check of current information management setup
  • Quality check of redesign plan & setup
  • Quality check of redesign project

Interim Management

  • Information Management

Common questions from practice

  • Help us develop a vision for future information management
  • What is the market perspective on information management systems and what impact does this have on our users?
  • New legislation (Woo) requires us to organize and publish our information management, how do we do this?


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