Transforming to a digital organization is the main task that CIOs, information managers, CTOs and CDOs are concerned with nowadays. To achieve this change both the existent and the new must be united. The current landscape will have to guarantee continuity, while the ongoing digitalization of business processes must also be continuously implemented. To successfully transform the organization, drafting a digital vision and strategy that will have to be adjusted, readjusted and monitored continuously is inevitable.

We help organizations with drawing up digital strategies and implementing necessary changes to facilitate digital transformation. We operate on the basis of research and best practices.

We offer the following services:


  • Advice on drafting a digital vision and strategy
  • Support with digital strategy implementation
  • Drawing up the business case for a digital strategy

Quality Assurance

  • Assessment of the business value of digital strategy
  • Assessment of feasibility of digital strategy
  • Supervision of translation of digital strategy to IT programs

Interim Management

  • CIO, CTO, CDO and IT Management

Common questions from practice

  • How can I make my IT more agile and flexible in order to respond quickly to changes?
  • How can I align the IT vision with the business objectives within the current landscape and IT organization?
  • How do I organize my data?
  • How can we digitize our business processes and what do we need for this?


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