The shift from a centrally managed IT organization to more decentralized digital chains results in a new dynamic within organizations that also influences financial control. Due to this shift, the complexity of financial control within IT department is increasing. The correct allocation, transparency and flexibility of IT costs are, within this new context, a crucial building block for effective and successful management.

Our consultants have years of experience with these kinds of issues and can assist and advise your organization about this. QA Consulting will always use the business context as a starting point. We operate on the basis of best practices proven in practice, such as constructive cost modeling, (CoCoMo), market-conforming service descriptions and components, business case models and models for financial agreements (DFA). Finally, we use our own extensive market data for market conformity assessments.

We offer the following services:


  • (Re)organization financial control
  • Cost rationalization programs
  • Preparation of business case

Quality Assurance

  • Efficiency and effectiveness analyzes
  • Independent review of business cases
  • Market compliance & benchmarking

Interim Management

  • Financial IT control

Common questions from practice

  • My IT costs are too high, where can I rationalize?
  • I have too little control over the IT costs, how do I get more control?
  • The relationship between management and innovation is unaligned, how can I balance it?
  • Are my IT costs still in line with the market?


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