Artificial intelligence as a game changer

In recent months, new AI (Artificial Intelligence) services have been appearing at a rapid pace. The most well-known of these is ChatGPT, but there are other related artificial intelligence solutions. These are revolutionary technologies that will turn our lives upside down. Whereas we have previously seen artificial intelligence that was able to provide specific solutions, these technologies offer the possibility to apply more generic knowledge. Although it is not perfect yet, we will see some fundamental changes in the way we search for information, analyze it, and compile new information in the coming period.

Some key benefits of ChatGPT and similar AI applications for organizations include:

  • Faster and more efficient information retrieval: information can be quickly and easily retrieved through functional questions that are understood by the AI application.
  • Quick and efficient responses: providing quick and efficient answers to questions and requests, which leads to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Faster and better creation of new information: by combining existing information with such models, new information can be quickly created from existing information.
  • Better consistency of information.

The impact on employees will be significant. Functions that will fundamentally change include programmers, copywriters, customer contact functions, policy makers, information analysts, to name a few. With further development towards image and sound, more functions will change. This does not mean that they will disappear, but rather that they will be filled differently. For now, it is especially important that people learn to use ChatGPT and ask the right questions and evaluate the output.

If you are interested in learning more about the use of these technologies, we have developed a unique approach for setting up pilots and follow-up steps. Our experts work closely with you to understand how this technology can best support your organization and identify the potential for improvements.


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