Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance services focus on monitoring and assuring that the agreed deliverables are implemented at the agreed quality level. We offer this service in all of our expertise areas, such as digital strategy and financial control. Examples of conducted quality assurance assignments, by QA consulting are implementations of digital strategies, agile governance, changes in financial management and sourcing or transition processes.

Our advisors have carried out several QA assignments at various government institutions and private organizations in recent years.

We offer the following services:


  • Establishing quality policies
  • Monitoring and safeguarding of quality policy


  • Quality assurance assignments

Interim Management

  • QA management

Common questions from practice

  • I want to monitor and make sure that the implementation of our digital strategy is carried out correctly
  • We are going to implement incremental changes in our IT organization, who monitors the quality of this program?
  • We are going to start a transition program to a new supplier, who monitors the quality of the deliverables?


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