Due to technological developments in IT services, the legal practice within the IT domain is subject to change. The digitization of governments and organizations makes IT a primary function within the institution or organization. In combination with the increasing number of partners that governments and business depend on, increases the importance and complexity of the legal discipline within these organizations. In a world where maneuverability, flexibility and continuity are crucial, there is an increasing demand for contracts that include these characteristics.

To provide these services, QA Consulting works together with jurists and lawyers who have years of experience in this context.

We offer the following services:


  • Strategic legal advice
  • Draw up and review contacts
  • Advice on conducting legal proceedings

Quality Assurance

  • Contract quality assessments

Interim Management

  • IT jurists

Common questions from practice

  • Are my contracts still in line with, and do they still contribute to, my business objectives?
  • What is the most suitable contract structure?
  • Which contractual agreements, within my current contract database, constitute a risk?
  • Are my contracts still in line with legislation, regulations and internal policies?
  • I have a dispute with a partner, litigation or other actions?


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