QA Consulting utilizes smart data analytics tools in its assignments. As a result, we are quickly able to perform quantitative and qualitative analyses. We developed these smart tools in collaboration with our sister organization QA Metrics.

QA Consulting builds all its solutions within its own environment; the MAGPAI™ platform. Learn more about our platform. This platform contains a multitude of solutions that are both “open source” and specifically developed by QA Consulting.

MAGPAI™ is a platform that intelligently extracts content from unstructured data. This is also known as the Intelligent Content Collection™. The MAGPAI™ platform consists of a set of algorithms and libraries that extract information from documents on the basis of recognized methods. The methods we use most often are:

  • Machine Learning: Learning with human supervision (supervised learning) and without human supervision (unsupervised learning) based on regression (making a prediction based on a set of observations from the past) and neural networks (making a prediction based on patterns and combinations).
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): the analysis and understanding of human language. MAGPAI™ currently works in Dutch, English, German and French. However, there are also possibilities for other languages.
  • Natural-Language Generation: the generation of human language based on NLP.
  • Readability: testing the readability of a document and identifying the difficult sentences and words.
  • Summarization: Making a summary based on both extraction (extracting the relevant information from a document) and abstraction (simplifying the information into the core information).
  • Graph Analytics, Mind Maps and other visualization tools: To create overviews, we use a large set of tools to quickly create insight into the collected information.


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